We offer editing on guitars (DI or amp tones), drums, and vocals. We mainly do "Beat Detective" style slip editing, which gives the most transparent result. Time stretch and vocal align are of course optional.

Being years experienced in drum programming, we understand how to maintain the balance between preciseness and vibe, delivering the optimized result for your drum tracks and other instruments.


Sample Replacement / Instrument Construction

With years of drum programming experience, we can efficiently replace any poorly recorded drums with MIDI or selected samples. If pre-recorded samples are available, we can easily construct the sample instrument for you, both for Kontakt and Slate Trigger, saving your time and effort for the crucial creative process.


Trunaround Time

Besides the quick turnaround time, our location in Eastern Asia also enables the "round-the-clock" business for clients in Europe. That is if you're anywhere in EU, you may send us the raw tracks by the end of the day and expect to see the fully edited files sitting in your inbox the next morning.